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2017 Bible Bowl is Saturday, April 1st (no fooling)

Its no prank. Saturday, April 1st is the date of this year’s Bible Bowl competition over the book of Mark. At present, there are nineteen teams registered to compete in the competition. Everything begins at 9:30am at the church building when things kick off for the 1st to 3rd grade contestants. Please come out to the building to watch this event and test your own knowledge of the book of Mark.

If you can’t make it to the building to watch, please watch our Live Stream which will be sent out over the Internet for everyone to view. You will be able to follow all of the action and see up to date scoring information while the event is going on. As with all of our videos, the event will also be posted on YouTube so that you can watch it later if you like. There are links to Alkire Road’s live stream at the top of this web page.

A lot of people put a great amount of work each year into making the Bible Bowl a success, so please help to support and encourage them by coming out and watching and lending your support. Nothing makes those volunteers happier than to see a full auditorium during the competition.

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