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Steps to using Zelle

Zelle is an efficient and cost effective method to transfer money between two parties.

First, you will want to check that your bank is in the Zelle network. Click Here

When you find your bank in the list, click on the name.  Locate the app link.  Follow the instructions to setup your bank account on the app.  Watch this video

For most people using the App may be easier but if you aren’t accustomed to app, then follow these steps below.

Transfer money in four steps

1. Log in to your bank’s online system

  • Register your email address to establish a connection with your bank account.

2. Send your payment.

  • You will need to find the link, “Send Money with Zelle”.  This may be different for your bank.
  • Choose your recipient.  In this case, you will want to send money using the bank email address which is “” Once this is setup, the next time it will be a lot easier as it will be already saved.

3. Zelle deposits your money.

  • Your transfer is deposited into your recipient’s bank account, typically in minutes.

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