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Did you know that Alkire Road has it’s own channel on YouTube? From there you can go and view old sermons and Bible class lessons you may have missed in the past, or you can send links to friends and loved ones if there is a lesson you think they may be particularly interested in. The videos posted on YouTube are also made available here, directly from the AlkireChurchofChrist.com web site.

If you go and visit our YouTube channel please take the time to subscribe to us. By subscribing, you will be alerted whenever new videos are published to our channel, but there are also benefits available to the church for reaching a certain number of subscribers. If Alkire Road can reach 100 subscribers, the church would qualify to receive a custom URL for its YouTube page, which would make getting to and referring people to  our YouTube videos much easier than what it is now.

There is currently a backlog of old videos that will slowly begin to trickle out to the YouTube page and this page, but newer videos of current services should be available within a day or two of the time the service takes place.

Please enjoy the new site, share it with friends, subscribe to us on YouTube and let us know if there is anything you would like to see added to this site.


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